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Interest of the Doctoral Programme and social and academic-scientific-professional relevance


The social demand of the so called “alternative energies” is an undisputed fact in a growing number of countries, not only the so-called developed, but also emerging and developing countries. The main consequence of this demand in developed countries has been the establishment of treaties and protocols to formalize the political commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases through reduced fossil fuels consumption. The sustainability of business activity, citizens’ well-being and development capability of lagging economies must, of course, be guaranteed and therefore, the so-called renewable alternate sources of energy must be implemented and developed. As an example, the European Union members, in their meeting of March 9th 2007, engaged the commitment to reach a 20% household energy consumption using renewable energies by 2020.

It seems clear that such development cannot be achieved without a solid investment in human capital in charge of the development, implementation, innovation and fostering of the sector. Robustness, modularity, easy application as well as a wide and regular distribution of the basis source, solar radiation, makes Photovoltaic Solar Energy to stand out other renewable sources, mainly in Southern Europe countries like Spain. Taking advantage of these characteristics have set up a rich and diverse industrial sector which has become one of the most solid and competitive one, providing growth rates higher than 20% in the last 10 years. Furthermore, coverage of electricity demand with photovoltaic technology is already a significant  fact in countries such as Germany, Italy and Spain. The presence and continuous incorporation of IES-UPM Doctorates in the photovoltaic industry, universities and research centres states the constant demand of qualified experts generated by the growth of a sector of ongoing innovation.  


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