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1.   G. Almeida Dávi, J. López de Asiain, J. Solano, E. Caamaño-Martín, and C. Bedoya, "Energy refurbishment of an office building with hybrid photovoltaic system and demand-side management”, Energies, vol. 10, p. 1117, 2017.
2.   M. P. Almeida, M. Muñoz, I. de la Parra, and O. Perpiñán, "Comparative study of PV power forecast using parametric and nonparametric PV models”, Solar Energy, vol. 155, pp. 854-866, 2017.
3.   K. Araki, H. Nagai, R. Herrero, I. Antón, G. Sala, K. H. Lee, and M. Yamaguchi, "1-D and 2-D Monte Carlo simulations for analysis of CPV module characteristics including the acceptance angle impacted by assembly errors", Solar Energy, vol. 147, pp. 448-454, 2017.
4.   A. Augusto, E. Looney, C. del Cañizo, S. G. Bowden, and T. Buonassisi, "Thin silicon solar cells: Pathway to cost-effective and defect-tolerant cell design C3 - Energy Procedia”, Energy Procedia (7th International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics, SiliconPV 2017; Freiburg; Germany), vol. 124, pp. 706-711, 3-5 abril 2017.
5.   E. Barrigón, M. Ochoa, I. García, L. Barrutia, C. Algora, and I. Rey-Stolle, "Degradation of Ge subcells by thermal load during the growth of multijunction solar cells”, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, pp. n/a-n/a, 2017.
6.   L. Barrutia, E. Barrigón, I. García, I. Rey-Stolle, and C. Algora, "Effect of Ge autodoping during III-V MOVPE growth on Ge substrates”, Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 475, pp. 378-383, 2017.
7.   J. M. Carrillo, F. Martínez-Moreno, C. Lorenzo, and E. Lorenzo, "Uncertainties on the outdoor characterization of PV modules and the calibration of reference modules”, Solar Energy, vol. 155, pp. 880-892, 2017.
8.   J. E. Castellanos, P. Palacios, J. C. Conesa, J. Arriaga, and P. Wahnón, "Theoretical band alignment in an intermediate band chalcopyrite based material", Applied Surface Science, 2017.
9.   C. Coll, E. Barrigon, L. Lopez-Conesa, J. Rebled, L. Barrutia, I. Rey-Stolle, S. Estrade, C. Algora, and F. Peiro, "The effect of Sb-surfactant on GaInP CuPtB type ordering: assessment through dark field TEM and aberration corrected HAADF imaging", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017.
10.   A. Datas and A. Martí, "Thermophotovoltaic energy in space applications: Review and future potential", Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, vol. 161, pp. 285-296, 2017.
11.   A. Datas and P.G. Linares, Monolithic Interconnected Modules (MIM) for high irradiance photovoltaic energy conversion: a comprehensive review, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 73, pp. 477-495, 2017.
12.   I. de la Parra, M. Muñoz, E. Lorenzo, M. García, J. Marcos, and F. Martínez-Moreno, "PV performance modelling: A review in the light of quality assurance for large PV plants", Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 78, pp. 780-797, 2017.
13.   G. García, M. Casanova-Páez, P. Palacios, E. Menéndez-Proupin, and P. Wahnón, "First principle study of V-implantation in highly-doped silicon materials", Computational Materials Science, vol. 136, pp. 207-215, 2017.
14.   I. Garcia, W. E. McMahon, A. Habte, J. F. Geisz, M. A. Steiner, M. Sengupta, and D. J. Friedman, "Spectral binning for energy production calculations and multijunction solar cell design”, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, pp. n/a-n/a, 2017.
15.   I. García, M. Ochoa, I. Lombardero, L. Cifuentes, M. Hinojosa, P. Caño, I. Rey-Stolle, C. Algora, A. Johnson, I. Davies, K. H. Tan, W. K. Loke, S. Wicaksono, and S. F. Yoon, "Degradation of subcells and tunnel junctions during growth of GaInP/Ga(In)As/GaNAsSb/Ge 4-junction solar cells”, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 2017.
16.   A. Gonzalo, A. D. Utrilla, D. F. Reyes, V. Braza, J. M. Llorens, D. Fuertes Marrón, B. Alén, T. Ben, D. González, A. Guzman, A. Hierro, and J. M. Ulloa, "Strain-balanced type-II superlattices for efficient multi-junction solar cells", Scientific Reports, vol. 7, 2017.
17.   R. Herrero, I. Antón, M. Victoria, C. Domínguez, S. Askins, G. Sala, D. De Nardis, and K. Araki, "Experimental analysis and simulation of a production line for CPV modules: impact of defects, misalignments, and binning of receivers", Energy Science & Engineering, pp. n/a-n/a, 2017.
18.   P. Huo, B. Galiana, and I. Rey-Stolle, "Comparison of Ti/Pd/Ag, Pd/Ti/Pd/Ag and Pd/Ge/Ti/Pd/Ag contacts to n-type GaAs for electronic devices handling high current densities", Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol. 32, p. 045006, 2017.
19.   Y. Liu, G. García, S. Ortega, D. Cadavid, P. Palacios, J. Lu, M. Ibáñez, L. Xi, J. De Roo, A. M. López, S. Martí-Sánchez, I. Cabezas, M. D. L. Mata, Z. Luo, C. Dun, O. Dobrozhan, D. L. Carroll, W. Zhang, J. Martins, M. V. Kovalenko, J. Arbiol, G. Noriega, J. Song, P. Wahnón, and A. Cabot, Solution-based synthesis and processing of Sn- and Bi-doped Cu3SbSe4 nanocrystals, nanomaterials and ring-shaped thermoelectric generators, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 5, pp. 2592-2602, 2017.
20.   E. Lorenzo and R. Zilles, El MW fotovoltaico más antiguo del mundo (II) - 23 años en funcionamiento. Celebración de Toledo-PV (1993-2016), Era Solar, vol. 196, pp. 32-48, 2017.
21.   A. Makibar, L. Narvarte, and E. Lorenzo, On the relation between battery size and PV power ramp rate limitation,  Solar Energy, vol. 142, pp. 182-193, 2017.
22.   A. Martí, E. Antolín, P. García-Linares, E. López, J. Villa, and I. Ramiro, "Operation of the Three Terminal Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Solar Cell”, physica status solidi c, pp. 1700191-n/a, 2017.
23.   D. C. Miller, H. I. Khonkar, R. Herrero, I. Antón, D. K. Johnson, T. Hornung, T. Schmid-Schirling, T. B. Vinzant, S. Deutch, B. To, G. Sala, and S. R. Kurtz, "An end of service life assessment of PMMA lenses from veteran concentrator photovoltaic systems", Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. 167, pp. 7-21, 2017.
24.   R. Moretón, E. Lorenzo, A. Pinto, J. Muñoz, and L. Narvarte, "From broadband horizontal to effective in-plane irradiation: A review of modelling and derived uncertainty for PV yield prediction", Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 78, pp. 886-903, 2017.
25.   A. Navarro, E. García-Tabarés, B. Galiana, P. Caño, I. Rey-Stolle, and C. Ballesteros, "MOVPE growth of GaP on Si with As initial coverage", Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 464, pp. 8-13, 2017.
26.   M. Nematollahi, E. López, I. Ramiro, P. G. Linares, E. Antolín, I. Artacho, C. Tablero, E. Karhu, T. W. Reenaas, and A. Martí, "Interpretation of photovoltaic performance of n-ZnO:Al/ZnS:Cr/p-GaP solar cell" Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, vol. 169, pp. 56-60, 2017.
27.   R. Núñez, I. Antón, and G. Sala, "Proof-of-concept of a building-integrated hybrid concentrator photovoltaics-lighting system”. Lighting Research & Technology, vol. 0, pp. 1-9, 2017.
28.   M. Ochoa, E. Yaccuzzi, P. Espinet-González, M. Barrera, E. Barrigón, M. L. Ibarra, Y. Contreras, J. García, E. López, M. Alurralde, C. Algora, E. Godfrin, I. Rey-Stolle, and J. Plá, 10 MeV proton irradiation effects on GaInP/GaAs/Ge concentrator solar cells and their component subcells, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, vol. 159, pp. 576-582, 2017.
29.   V. Orlando, M. Gabás, B. Galiana, P. Espinet-González, S. Palanco, N. Nuñez, M. Vázquez, K. Araki, and C. Algora, Failure analysis on lattice matched GaInP/Ga(In)As/Ge commercial concentrator solar cells after temperature accelerated life tests, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, vol. 25, pp. 97-112, 2017.
30.   A. Peral, A. Dastgheib-Shirazi, V. Fano, J. C. Jimeno, G. Hahn, and C. del Cañizo, "Impact of extended contact cofiring on multicrystalline silicon solar cell parameters",  IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, vol. 7, pp. 91-96, 2017.
31.   I. Ramiro, E. Antolín, J. Hwang, A. Teran, A. J. Martin, P. G. Linares, J. Millunchick, J. Phillips, A. Martí, and A. Luque, Three-Bandgap Absolute Quantum Efficiency in GaSb/GaAs Quantum Dot Intermediate Band Solar Cells, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, vol. 7, pp. 508-512, 2017.
32.   I. Ramiro, J. Villa, C. Tablero, E. Antolín, A. Luque, A. Martí, J. Hwang, J. Phillips, A. J. Martin, and J. Millunchick, "Analysis of the intermediate-band absorption properties of type-II GaSb/GaAs quantum-dot photovoltaics”, Physical Review B, vol. 96, pp. 125422-1 - 125422-13, 2017.
33.   J. C. Solano, L. Olivieri, and E. Caamaño-Martín, "Assessing the potential of PV hybrid systems to cover HVAC loads in a grid-connected residential building through intelligent control”, Applied Energy, vol. 206, pp. 249-266, 2017.
34.   S. A. Svatek, E. Antolín, D. Y. Lin, R. Frisenda, C. Reuter, A. J. Molina-Mendoza, M. Muñoz, N. Agrait, T. S. Ko, D. P. De Lara, and A. Castellanos-Gomez, "Gate tunable photovoltaic effect in MoS2 vertical p-n homostructures", Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 5, pp. 854-861, 2017.
35.   C. Tablero, "Photovoltaic applications of Cu(Sb,Bi)SM (M = Ag, Pb, Pt)" Optical Materials, vol. 66, pp. 453-459, 2017.
36.   C. Tablero, "An evaluation of BiFeO3 as a photovoltaic material”, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. 171, pp. 161-165, 2017.
37.   C. Tablero, "CaFe2O4 as a self-sufficient solar energy converter”, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 122, 2017.
38.   G. Vallerotto, M. Victoria, S. Askins, I. Antón, G. Sala, R. Herrero, and C. Domínguez, "Indoor experimental assessment of the efficiency and irradiance spot of the achromatic doublet on glass (ADG) fresnel lens for concentrating photovoltaics”. Journal of Visualized Experiments, p. e56269, 2017.
39.   A. D. Utrilla, D. F. Reyes, J. M. Llorens, I. Artacho, T. Ben, D. González, Z. Gacevic, A. Kurtz, A. Guzman, A. Hierro, and J. M. Ulloa, Thin GaAsSb capping layers for improved performance of InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. 159, pp. 282-289, 2017.
40.   M. Vázquez, J. Tamayo-Arriola, V. Orlando, N. Núñez, O. Alburquerque, and C. Algora, "Reliability of commercial triple junction concentrator solar cells under real climatic conditions and its influence on electricity cost", Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Application, vol. ONLINE, 2017.
41.   J. Villa, I. Ramiro, J. M. Ripalda, E. Antolín, I. García, and A. Martí, "A substrate removal processing method for III-V solar cells compatible with low-temperature characterization", Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, vol. 63, pp. 58-63, 2017.

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