Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Instituto de energía solar

Infrastructure details

1. Pulsed Solar Simulator for CPV Modules and Optics
  • Large area (2m diameter) highly collimated (±0.4°) light source for indoor measurement at standard test conditions. Irradiance adjustable to 1200W/m2.
  • I-V curve measurement system synchronized to flash
  • Spectral monitoring to ensure match to standard conditions
  • Rotation structure for direct transmission curve measurement
  • Large temperature controlled chamber for lighted testing of modules and optics up to 100°C
  • Imaging setup for directly measuring concentrated light flux map of lenses and optics.
2. Module optical analyzer
  • Characterization of the 2D Angular Transfer Function of each optics-cell unit and the entire module
  • Detection of manufacturing and alignment defects in the module
  • Determination of the misalignments in each optics-cell unit in the module an its influence in the performance
  • Evolution of misalignments and optical performance with module temperature
3. Pulsed Solar Simulator for Cells and Receivers (including secondary optics)
  • Concentrated light (up to 1000 suns) with spectral monitoring
  • Single and multi-flash lighted I-V curve system
  • Thermally controlled measurement plane
  • Collimated light in combination with primary CPV optics for receiver (including secondary optics) characterization
4. Outdoor CPV Test Bench
  • Test tracker with 10m2 aperture and reconfigurable frame and 0.1 degree accuracy
  • Continuous measurement of I-V curves for up to four modules at sub-minute time intervals, along with up to eight temperature sensors.
5. CPV test field
  • Privileged location in the campus of the University
  • Test field for CPV trackers and systems, possibility of grid connection
  • Two on-site houses for characterization and connection equipment
6. Meteorological station
  • Equipped with redundant pyrheliometers as well as other standard equipment.
  • Continuous spectral monitoring with spectrometer and isotype cells.


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