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Infrastructure details


1. Manufacturing of silicon solar cells

  • Dicing saw for wafers and glass substrates, model DISCO DAD321 for round (6”) and square wafers (156x156mm). Cut resolution of 1µm and a maximum stroke length of 32mm.

  • Wet benches. Etching, texturing and cleaning available for 2” and 4” wafers.

  • Diffusion furnaces. 6 furnaces for doping (P and B), oxidation and annealing wafers up to 4”.

  • PECVD reactor. Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride coatings. Up to 4” wafers.

  • Photolithography mask aligner for 2’’ wafers

  • Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment. E-gun and Joule-effect evaporation. Ti, Pd, Ag, Al. Up to to 4” wafers
2. Manufacturing of multijunction and advanced solar cells

  • Cleaning and etching wet benches: acids, organics, plasma asher, contact layer etching, mesa etching

  • Photolithography Mask aligner - SUSS MicroTec MJB4. High-resolution photolithography in substrates and wafers up to 4''/ 100mm.

  • Wirebonder DELVOTEK 5430.  Equipment to make aluminum/gold wire connections with 17.5 to 75 um diameter.

  • Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition Tool- Classic 500 Twin High Vacuum Coating System. Separate chambers for metal and dielectric coatings

  • Joule effect Physical Vapor Deposition Tool for metals- Telstar Vacudel 300

  • Joule effect Physical Vapor Deposition tool for dielectrics

  • Rapid Thermal Process (RTP). Wafers up to 6’’; maximum heat slope of 75 K/s and temperatures up to 1000 °C; Anneal atmospheres available: Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Forming.

  • Plasma asher.  Low pressure plasma system from DIENER ELCTRONIC to clean semiconductor wafers.

  • Sputtering system to produce thin films.  PVD-MT/2M3T equipped with two sputtering RF magnetrons and three resistive thermal evaporation sources in the same process chamber.

Official rates for these services can be found at UPM WEB SITE.Icono PDF


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