Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Instituto de energía solar

Infrastructure details

1.- Simulation Platform “SISIFO”

    • SISIFO is an online, free-software, simulator of PV systems developed. You can download the source code here. Simulation of different types of grid-connected PV systems.

2.- Outdoor lab for quality control of PV modules

    • Solar box: for the characterization of the power of PV modules at real Sun and at STC, and also the efficiency variation with the irradiance.

    • Triphase PV system: replicating multiMW PV plants. It is used to test the PID propensity.

    • LID testing bench: to measure  their Light Induced degradation.

    • Capacitive electronic loads: Used to measure the PV module I-V curves.

3.- Indoor lab for quality control of PV

    • Accelerated tests for PID detection.

    • Electroluminiscence: for the detection of micro-cracks or cells damaged by PID.

    • Sun simulator: to characterize  I-V curves

4.- In-field infrastructure for quality control of PV plants

    • Outdoor I-V curves with home-made twin apacitive electronic loads.

    • PV plant characterization: composed of reference PV modules,  multimeters, wattmeters, termographic camera and multiMW capacitive load.

    • Operation monitoring and performance failure detection: The PVET software allows continuous diagnosis of plant operation.

5.- Battery integration in PV plants Lab
    • Composed of a 18kW PV generator, inverter, battery charger, 10 kWh Li-ion battery, PXI

    • Real Time Labview and programmable loads

    • Domotic home allowing actual consumption profiles.

6.- PV pumping Lab

    • Composed of a PV generator, bench with different frequency converters, irrigation automatisms, and simulators of loads and triphase electrical network.


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