Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Instituto de energía solar

UPM's Master of Science on Photovoltaic Solar Energy

The syllabus

Each subject is planned and developed during one semester, according to its description, detailed on a specific sheet (See Subjects and distribution of ECTS credits). 

The first semester will be intensive in order to ease the completion of the Master work during the second semester, once the basic and mandatory skills have been acquired.Two kinds of activities are approached:

  • Seminars included in the “Seminar on current news on Energy” and “Seminar on Photovoltaic Market, funding and management” are optional and lectured once a week. 
  • Seminars lectured by external experts of high reputation, most of them coming from specialized companies (technologists, managers or researchers) who will address particularly relevant and innovative aspects. Companies will also be presented in order to steer students in their search of work.
  • Internal seminars for presentation and discussion. Based on the previous lectures, questions, assessments and elaboration of forecasts in reduced working teams will be encouraged. Special interest, for their educational nature, will be paid to the dissertations of the students, minding both the issue as well as the shape and methodology used.


The Master Thesis (15 ECTS) relies on the personal work of the student and constitute their first approximation to research or professional job (depending on their election). Tutorial   guidance will be regular and personalized and, therefore, non-formal regarding classroom activities. Professionals coming from the photovoltaic field will be invited to attend the final dissertation.


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