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Workshop on HIPERION hybrid CPV/PV modules pilot installations at UPM and Fraunhofer ISE: "Maximizing energy yield in space-constrained PV applications"

With a frontal power of 3.75 kW, the “Antecessor” generator, made up of 56 bifacial modules and manufactured in 1987, has been operating at IES-UPM since May, injecting energy into the electrical network of Campus Sur at UPM.

Inspiring Researchers on the use of Open Science in their project


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IES-UPM researchers show the activities carried out in our facilities in this promotional clip produced by UPM.


The GRECO Citizen Science app GENERATION SOLAR

”Generation Solar” is the brainchild of the multinational photovoltaics research project, GRECO. The result of a unique collaborative process of science, IT support and input from citizens, the web version of “Generation Solar” is now available!


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