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The Official UPM Doctoral Degree in “Photovoltaic Solar Energy” is an initiative aiming to training experts in all areas related to Photovoltaic Solar Energy. This program is the natural evolution, and consequent adaptation to current regulations) of previous programmes that have resulted in the graduation of more than 130 Doctors, and the highest quality recognition (Citation of Excellence by the Spanish Ministry for Education, ref. MEE2011-0667, and Quality Certification by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Education, ref. MCD2005-00354).

The training of high level experts in the field of Photovoltaic Solar Energy is fully justified taking into account the following aspects:

  • The existing social demand on the development of renewable energies and, more specifically, of Photovoltaic Solar Energy.

  • The high demand of skilled professionals for R&D, Production and Engineering departments in the photovoltaic field.

  • Preservation and development of the national and international scientific potential in this research area.