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The Doctoral Programme in Photovoltaic Solar Energy can be acceded through three different paths:

  1. The usual procedure is to apply to any of the offers published in the Departamento de Electrónica Física, Ingeniería Eléctrica y Física Aplicada website by any of its Research Group. Periodicity of publication may vary depending on their researching needs. Find here all the related information, details and requirements to apply.

  2. In addition, additional applications may be taken in consideration. With this in mind, we encourage you to visit the above tab Join us/PhD Thesis offer and contact directly the researcher/teacher you would be interested in working with. As a suggestion, when trying to Access the programme without offer, send the following documents:

    • Copy of your academic record.
    • Curriculum vitae.
    • A letter indicating your motivation to enrol the Programme in Photovoltaic Solar Energy, your research interests and experience (if any), and the research topic you would like to deepen to develop your doctoral thesis.
    • A letter of recommendation from accredited professionals in any of the scientific and professional framework related to the programme.

Besides the above information, any document proving a good level of English language (or Spanish in case of non-Spanish speaker candidates) will also be considered.

  1. Finally, the Programme Coordinator will consider any application received and will address it to the proper teacher/s. It must be pointed out that the possibility to succeed via this last option is rather low. Documents to be sent in this case would be similar to those for option 2.

Once the requirements for access established in RD 99/2011 are accomplished (see Access requirements and Programme’s specific admission criteria) you can apply for admission to the Programme. Admission is a required procedure to get access to doctoral studies.


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