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Access requirements


The “UPM Doctorate Model”, based on the R.D. 99/2011 and governing the doctoral studies at the Technical University of Madrid, establishes on its Article 11 about " Requirements to access Doctoral Studies”:

  1. In general, any candidate to access a UPM Doctoral Programme must hold a formal Spanish BSc (or equivalent) and Master’s Degree.
  2. Additionally, candidates in any of the following situations may apply for access:
    • Candidates holding a formal Degree from any University either in Spain or in any of the EHEA countries, empowering them to access the Master’s Programme according to what is established in Art. 16 of R.D. 1393/2007, of October 29th. A minimum of 300 ECTS credits obtained from undergraduate and postgraduate formal studies, being at least 60 of them from a Master degree, is also required.

    • Candidates holding a formal Graduate Degree with a duration of at least 300 ECTS credits, in accordance to the Community law. These graduates will be obliged to attend the complementary training course, unless the curriculum of the corresponding undergraduate degree includes ECTS credits gained from research training, with an educational value equivalent to ECTS credits gained from a Master course.

    • University graduates who, having passed an entrance exam to access a specialized training place, have got a positive evaluation after, at least, two training years for the attainment of a formal degree in any speciality in Health Sciences

    • Candidates holding a degree gained from foreign educational systems. This degree does not need to be accredited in Spain, provided that UPM has verified the training level equivalence with the formal Spanish University Master Degree which provides access to the Doctoral studies at the country of origin. This admission will under no circumstance imply the accreditation in Spain of the previous degree, nor its recognition to other effects different from the access to Doctoral studies.

    • Candidates holding a PhD degree gained from any previous Universities Act.

On the other hand, on its First Additional Provision related to “Incorporation to the new doctoral studies   established in R.D.99/2011" states that:

  1. PhD students under a previous doctoral programme will be entitled to access the doctoral studies governed by R.D. 99/2001, prior to the admission of the corresponding University in accordance with the provisions contained in R.D. 99/2011 and the University regulations.
  2. Graduates, Architects or Engineers holding either the Diploma of Advanced Studies gained in accordance with the provisions contained in R.D. 778/1998 of April 30th, or the Research Sufficiency Diploma achieved in accordance with the provisions contained in R.D. 185/1985 of January 23rd, will be entitled to access the doctoral studies governed by Royal Decree 99/2011.

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