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Maximizing energy yield in space-constrained PV applications

Workshop on HIPERION hybrid CPV/PV modules pilot installations at UPM and Fraunhofer ISE: "Maximizing energy yield in space-constrained PV applications"


A free online workshop including virtual visits to pilot installations & characterization laboratories, technical talks devoted to the most relevant aspects of the technology and hands-on activities with mini-courses to model your own hybrid system will be organized by IES-UPM & Fraunhofer ISE on July 22nd, 2021. 

The workshop will present a disruptive PV technology that can harvest separately direct and diffuse/albedo irradiance components. A lens array concentrates direct light on very high-efficiency III-V micro solar cells and a planar embedded tracking mechanism keeps the light focused along the day without the need of an external tracking. The hybrid architecture combines, in the backplane, the III-V micro cells with mono or bifacial silicon cells to convert diffuse (and albedo) irradiance. The resulting flat combines very high efficiency (>30%) with ease of assembly on any standard rooftop or ground-mounted racks. Alternatively, a translucent backplane with only the III-V micro cells transmits the diffuse irradiance through the module for dual land use applications, such as agrivoltaics.


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