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Renewable Distributed Generation and Intelligent Control (GEDIRCI)



We are a consolidated multidisciplinary Research group with 11 members covering senior, junior researchers and technicians willing to contribute to the development of more sustainable Electricity supply systems worldwide. To that aim, we integrate specialists in Photovoltaic systems (both isolated and grid-connected), Energy Management and Control systems, convinced that an integration of different disciplines is required to tackle the multiple challenges of future energy systems under the Smart Grids paradigm.

Our work

PV technology has rapidly matured since the development of the first terrestrial applications back in the 1970’s, making PV electricity increasingly profitable. It is, in fact, the only electricity generation technology that can be extensively used in human settlements. In this context, recent technological and market changes have contributed to an increasing penetration of PV in electrical networks worldwide, demanding for an “intelligent” use of PV electricity by users and grid operators. 

On the other hand, we believe that basic access to electricity is a right for everyone on this earth, although many commonly used electrification models still hinder its enjoyment in rural areas.

Our activity focuses on primarily in the following research lines:

  • Distributed strategies of Maximum Power Point Tracking in PV modules

  • Active Demand Side Management with distributed PV and storage

  • PV generation and forecast in complex environments

  • Solar PV potential at urban scale: from buildings to cities. Building integrated photovoltaics

  • PV heating and cooling

  • Quality assurance in decentralized PV applications.

  • Basic and income-generation electrical services for developing countries.

  • PV Hybrid off-grid systems.



Main Researcher: Estefanía Caamaño Martín

E-mail: estefan@ies-def.upm.es


Active demand side management | Building integration | Decentralized PV applications | PV rural electrification



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