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Novel CPV concepts


We are constantly introducing innovations in concentrator photovoltaic systems in order to increase conversion efficiency, reduce costs and develop the full potential of CPV as a low-cost electricity generation technology. Many novel system architectures, optical systems or manufacturing processes have been proposed by our group through the years:

  • Notably, the silicone-on-glass (SOG) Fresnel technology was patented by Prof. Sala in the late 70s, which was later massively adopted by the CPV industry for the large-scale deployment of the technology.

  • In recent years, another hybrid lens architecture, named Achromatic Doublet on Glass (ADG), has been proposed for reducing chromatic aberration losses in refractive concentrators, which allows for a larger geometrical concentration factor while preserving optical efficiency. The new achromatic ADG lens is able of attaining a concentration three times higher than the equivalent SOG Fresnel lens saving the need of a SOE and reducing the system cost.

  • Other innovative optical systems recently investigated include the Fluid Reflex concentrator, based on a single stage reflective optics by means of an optical fluid that additionally improves the light coupling and heat dissipation from the cell.

  • We have also investigated hybrid lighting-CPV systems, a module approach that combines PV energy generation and direct lighting by means of optical fibers to be used on rooftops.

Contact person: Prof. Ignacio Antón




Selected publications    
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