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Other novel concepts


Under this line, other novel solar cell concepts are studied. 

Often, the study of novel solar cell concepts have inspired new optoeletronic devices such as the “optically triggered infrared photodetector”.   

We also study the application of novel solar cell concepts to space.


Contact person: Prof. Antonio Martí

Selected papers

  1. A. Marti and A. Luque, "Electrochemical Potentials (Quasi-Fermi Levels) and the Operation of Hot-Carrier, Impact-Ionization, and Intermediate-Band Solar Cells", IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, vol. 3, pp. 1298-1304, Oct 2013.

  2. I.Ramiro, A. Martí, E. Antolín, E. López, A. Datas, A. Luque, et al., "Optically-triggered infrared photodetector", Nanoletters, vol. 15, pp. 224–228, 2014.

  3. A. Datas, "Hybrid thermionic-photovoltaic converter", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 108, p. 4, Apr 2016.


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