Escudo de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

R&D at IES

IBLAB: Intermediate Band materials and solar cells characterization Laboratory



  • Determination of semiconductor gap by photoreflectance*

  • Characterization of the quantum efficiency of novel solar cells*

  • Capability to obtain the current-voltage characteristics of solarcells in dark and in illumination conditions, up to concentrations of 2500x and at low temperatures*

  • Study of the behavior of novel semiconductors and devices under concentration up to 10.000x. This test can be performed at low temperatures (*)

  • Performance of FTIR tests in order to determine the optical absorption coefficient of photovoltaic materials mainly in the infrared*

  • Undertaking of DLTS measurements to study  semiconductor defects*

  • Measurement of photoluminescence and electroluminescence of materials and solar cells*

  • Capability to determine roughness of the semiconductor surface*

  • 3D Fabrication


(*) Under ISO9001 STANDARD

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