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Operation monitoring and failure detection


By comparing the estimation and the actual energy production, a procedure to analyse the performance and the state of health of the PV plant is carried out. Using the reference PV modules, this procedure reaches high accuracy allowing detecting not only a performance failure but also its cause.


Evaluation of the yearly operation of a PV plant and comparison with possible contractual requirements


  • Meteorological and operation conditions analysis, as given by the meteorological station (horizontal irradiance, ambient temperature and wind speed) and the reference PV modules (incident irradiance and module temperature) of the PV plant
  • Energetic balance analysis, in hourly, daily, monthly and yearly terms
  • PR, PRSTC and energy availability estimations
  • Thermal analysis of the PV generator
  • Re-calibration of piranometer and reference PV modules


Qualifying Photovoltaics

Operation monitoring and performance failure detection: The PVET service allows continuous diagnosis of plant operation at any time. It is based on the software tool PhotoVoltaic Evaluation Tool (PVET) designed to analyze data from monitoring systems (SCADA), and from this analysis, determine its operating status and errors.



Contact person: Dr. Rodrigo Moretón

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