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Metal-organic Vapor-phase epitaxy of III-V semiconductors


The MOVPE reactor available at IES-UPM is routinely used for the development of III-V semiconductor material and structures for multijunction solar cells, grown lattice-matched or lattice-mismatched, doped or undoped, on GaAs, Ge, InP and Si substrates. In addition, we offer the following services:

  • MOVPE epitaxy of III-V semiconductor structures on virtually any kind of substrate up to 4” diameter, including assistance in the design of the process routine. Structures of any kind (test, solar cell, LED, etc) are in scope.
  • Fabrication of small batches of III-V epi for prototyping.
  • Analysis of MOVPE epitaxy processes by in-situ monitoring using spectroscopic and transient reflectivity, reflectance anisotropy and pyrometer-based wafer temperature.
  • Development of new materials and MOVPE processes, testing of new precursors, etc.

If you are interested on any of these services or want to suggest a different one based on our MOVPE reactor please read the following document: IES-UPM MOVPE Access Guide and reach the contact person below.

Contact person: Prof. Carlos Algora



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