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List of subjects


Find below the list of subjects taught in the Master. Click on each acronym  to download its short description.

You can also download the Learning Guides by clicking on each title. 

NOTE: Should any elective subject not reach a minimum number of applications, it could be cancelled. This decission will be taken in september and students will be asked to chose another subject with the same number of ETCS.

Common Subjects
(16 ECTS)
SE Energy System: Market, Technologies & Prospects 4 ECTS (3T+1P) 1 term
FCS Fundamentals of Solar Cells 6 ECTS (3T+3P) 1 term
FSFV Fundamentals of Photovoltaic Systems 6 ECTS (3T+3P) 1 term
Module Track on Photovoltaic Devices
(23 ECTS)
Module Track on Photovoltaic Systems
(23 ECTS)
TFO PV & Optoelectronic Fabrication Technology 5 ECTS (2T+3P) 1 term TESFV Electric Technology of PV systems 6 ECTS (4T+2P) 1 term
FMFV Physics of PV Materials 3 ECTS (3T) 1 term AEFV PV Self-Consumption & Urban Integration 6 ECTS (4T+2P) 2 term
LSCS Solar Cell Simulation Lab 3 ECTS (3P) 2 term PCSFV Solar Photovoltaic Plant Projecting 6 ECTS (4T+2P) 2 term
CAC Advanced Concepts for PV Cells 6 ECTS (5T+1P) 2 term SFAM Stand-alone Photovoltaic Systems and Microgrids 5 ECTS (3T+2P) 2 term
CDM Characterization of PV Materials & Devices 6 ECTS (1T+5P) 2 term
Elective Subjects
(9 out of 18 ECTS)
IO Optical Engineering 3 ECTS (3T) 1 term
FIEE Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics 3 ECTS (2T+1P) 1 term
SOSFV Simulation and Optimization Software for PV-Systems 3 ECTS (1T+2P) 1 term
SEM-FV Seminars on Current Topics of PV 3 ECTS (3T) 2 term
LCMFV PV-Materials Computational Lab 3 ECTS (1T+2P) 2 term
LCPV Concentration PV System Lab 3 ECTS (3P) 2 term
Master Thesis
(12 ECTS)
Master Thesis 12 ECTS 2 term


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