Escudo de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

UPM's Master of Science on Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Tutorial action plan



Students will receive detailed instructions for registration as well as some practical information upon admission at the Institute of Solar Energy.

The objective of the Tutorial Action Plan developed by IES-UPM consists of introducing the new students into the general operation of the University, the School of Telecommunication Engineering and the IES-UPM itself, as well as the available services and responsible staff to assist them.


The academic year starts on the “Welcome Day”, when the general coordinator will be in charge of introducing the program, the teaching team and the research equipment and the students will meet their tutor. The following aspects will also be described:

  • Structure and organization of the Master course. Students will have the opportunity to request additional information about the program, clarify any doubts, etc.

  • Research Groups at IES-UPM and their activity.

The Tutorial Action Plan includes special sessions focused on foreign students. Besides the general operation of the University, information on the academic structures providing specific support to foreign students inside UPM, like the International Services Office and the Vice Rectorate for International Relations, will be also explained in detail.


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