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Facilities at IES-UPM


The Research Groups at IES-UPM count with the following resources and administrative services at the disposal of the Master course:

  • Solar cell manufacturing laboratory;
  • Photovoltaic system laboratory;
  • Solar cell characterization laboratory;
  • 25 kW grid-connected photovoltaic facility located at the IES-UPM and the adjoining building "López-Araujo", inside ETSIT Campus;
  • Photovoltaic facility on the roof terrace at the IES-UPM South Campus headquarters (ETSIST, UPM South Campus);
  • “Solar Home”. This prototype of self-sufficient dwelling took part in the international contest  "Solar Decathlon 2005" held in Washington (USA), and is installed next to IES-UPM building;
  • Photovoltaic concentrators plant
  • CENTESIL solar silicon purification plant  
  • Bibliographic and documental sources gathered by the Research Groups at IES-UPM.


These infrastructures allow students to be in direct contact with materials and tools subject to study and give them a unique access to practice in the field of Photovoltaic Solar Energy.


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