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Resources at ETSIT-UPM


he Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación) offers its educational media for the theoretical lessons. Among other equipment, it counts with:
    • 47 Classrooms: 3.300 sqm
    • Library: 1.700 sqm
    • Computer rooms: 400 sqm
    • 19 Meeting rooms: 1400 sqm

Each classroom has a seating capacity for 20 to 156 students, summing up to 3.000 seats. All of them are provided with a VGA beamer, an overhead projector, Air Conditioning and wifi access. Some of them are provided with additional equipment such as meeting tables, audiovisual media    for videoconferences, etc.

The Library counts on a specialized collection of around 30.000 books as well as videos, CDs, DVDs, etc. It is equipped with a reading room with 450 seats, and a cyber library with 60 seats, 40 of which are fully equipped and the rest with power sockets for laptops and wifi connection option. Besides the classical book rental service, the library offers the possibility for renting laptops, graphic calculators, cameras and camcorders, language learning media, and meeting rooms. 


The Programme takes advantage of these other services also offered by the ETSIT:

  • Office for Computer Science and Telecommunications (GICO)
  • Technical Office
  • Publications and reprography services.
  • Secretarial and administrative services.


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