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UPM's Master of Science on Photovoltaic Solar Energy

List of subjects

As an overview, we present here the list of topics covered by the Master. 

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  6. Activities and evaluation criteria
  7. Available means


First semester 2017-18


  • Fundamentals of Solar Cells
FCS Compulsory 4
  • Energy & Society
EyS Compulsory 5
  • Laboratory of Solar Cell Characterization
LCCS Compulsory 4
  • Electrical Engineering of PV Systms
IESFV Optative 4
  • Laboratory of Solar Cell Technology
LTCS Optative 5
  • Physics of Photovoltaic Materials
FMFV Optative 4
  • Optical Engineering
IO Optative 4
  • Seminars on Energetics
SEM1 Optative 4
  • Photovoltaic Systems Engineering
ISFV Compulsory 4


Second Semester 2017-18
  • Laboratorio de Módulos e Instalaciones Fotovoltaicas
LMI Compulsory 4
  • Trabajo Fin de Máster
TFM Compulsory 15
  • Sistemas conectados a la Red Eléctrica
SCRE Optative 4
  • Integración Arquitectónica de la ESFV
IA Optative 4
  • Células Solares de Nueva Generación
CSNG Optative 3
  • Laboratorio de Simulación de Células y Sistemas
LSCS Optative 4
  • Laboratorio de Ingeniería Eléctrica Fotovoltaica
LIEFV Optative 4
  • Laboratorio de Sistemas FV de Concentración
LSFVC Optative 4
  • Seminario sobre Mercado FV, Financiación y Gestión
SEMFV Optative 4
  • Laboratorio Computacional de Materiales FV
LCMFV Optative 4

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