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1. Low-pressure metal-organic vapor-phase epitaxy (MOVPE)

  • Model: AIXTRON 200/4. Capacity: 1x4”, 3x2”, 1x2” wafer.

  • Wide range of arsenide, phosphide and antimonide III-V materials can be grown.

  • Research-scale reactor with capacity for production of small batches thanks to its 1x4” and 3x2” configurations.

  • In-situ monitoring tool EpiRAS/TT allows in-situ measuring of surface characteristics, growth rate and true temperature during process.

  • High performance III-V multijunction solar cells are routinely grown in this reactor...

2. Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)

  • GEN10 System made by Veeco.

  • Wafers are uploaded automatically in the growth chamber from a cluster chamber than can store wafers ready for their use.

  • Growth recipes to grow up to 12 wafers without interruption before the system would need to be reloaded with wafers.

  • III/V compounds based on Al, Ga, As and In using Be and Si as dopant

  • The system could be upgraded with a second and third growth chambers if the project would demand it.

  • RHEED system to monitor crystal  growth

  • Bandit for temperature control during growth.

  • Digital camera attached to the RHEED and the in-house software capable of processing the signal of the camera in real time to monitor, for example, RHEED oscillations in order to determine semiconductor growth rates.…

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