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Modeling and simulation of III-V multijunction solar cells


The modeling, analysis and simulation services focus on two main goals: 

  1. provide capability to analyze and understand the efficiency limiting factors in III-V solar cells and 
  2. reduce the number of experiments by a proper design and optimization of devices. We pursue these goals by using commercial (adapted TCAD tools from Silvaco) and in-house developed software (circuital models using SPICE) that can deal with 2D and 3D systems.

These tools are specially suitable for multijunction devices of different architectures (lattice-matched, metamorphic, dilute nitrides, etc.) while some of their features are also useful for any solar cell technology. Some of the services we offer are listed below:

  • Design of solar cell structure for specific operating conditions.
  • Design of metallization grids.
  • Analysis including distributed effects such as chromatic aberration, non-uniform distribution of: light, spectral content, temperature, voltage and current.
  • Energy yield calculations for a given location.
  • TCAD modeling capable to build complex energy band diagrams (i.e. multijunction structures) and model the performance in terms of generation and recombination of carriers through the structure.
  • Consulting and interpretation of typical characterization through comparison with simulation.
  • We also offer R&D of new models adjustable to customer’s requirements.


Contact person: Dr. Iván García


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