Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Silicon Solar Cells


1. Solar silicon purification and crystal growth

Support in the development of silicon purification technologies is given, both through the chemical and the metallurgical routes. Advice is provided to assess the technology potential and the material requirements to be met. A lab-type CVD reactor for silicon deposition from trichlorosilane is used for the proof-of-concept of innovative concepts. Advanced characterization of material quality is performed to provide guidance to process optimization.

Monocrystalline ingots with non-standard characteristics are grown in an 80 kg load Czochralski puller (UMG silicon, granular silicon, alternative dopants…).


2. Silicon solar cell manufacturing and characterization

Support is given for the design of solar cell processes, with special emphasis in the implementation of defect engineering techniques to enhance material quality of low cost silicon substrates. Solar cells with evaporated contacts can be manufactured in house, providing advanced characterization of the main steps in the process and of the cell performance.


Contact person: Prof. Carlos del Cañizo




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