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CPV characterization: cells, modules, optics and systems


A main of line of activity is the measurement and characterization, both in laboratory and in real operation, of the full range of CPV devices and components, from single cells to optics, modules, and systems.

IES offers unique facilities for CPV characterization (see CPV Testing facilities for details) providing a broad range of results:

  • Indoor and outdoor module characterization. Performance of concentrator modules at standard test and operating conditions and a wide range of temperature, irradiance and spectral conditions

  • Characterization of misalignments distributions and its effect on module performance with our patented Module Optical Analyzer

  • Cells characterization: dark, EQ, EL, PL, IV up to 1000 suns. Performance of concentrator cells under different operating conditions: uniform and non-uniform light, temperature, spectrum

  • Optics characterization. Performance at different temperature and spectral conditions

  • Spectral characterization of the DNI and indoor light sources for accurate control of the spectral conditions of CPV based on multi-junction solar cells

  • Outdoor calibration of modules and monomodules for use as irradiance reference indoors

  • Long term system performance in operation at our CPV test field



Contact person: Prof. Ignacio Antón

Selected publications

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