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Light management

The study of light management strategies to increase the absorption of light in solar cells is of use for any solar cell architecture. In the case of the intermediate band solar cell, this need emerged due to the necessity of increasing the absorption of light in the quantum dots.

Our studies have included both near (plasmonics) as far field (diffraction grids) strategies.

Contact person: Prof. Ignacio Tobías

Selected publications

  1. M. J. Mendes, E. Hernández, E. López, P. García-Linares, I. Ramiro, I. Artacho, et al., "Self-organized colloidal quantum dots and metal nanoparticles for plasmon-enhanced intermediate-band solar cells”, Nanotechnology, vol. 24, p. 345402, 2013. (DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/24/34/345402)

  2. A. Mellor, H. Hauser, C. Wellens, J. Benick, J. Eisenlohr, M. Peters, A. Guttowski, I. Tobías, A. Martí, A. Luque, and B. Bläsi, "Nanoimprinted diffraction gratings for crystalline silicon solar cells: implementation, characterization and simulation," Opt. Express, vol. 21, pp. A295-A304, 2013. (DOI: 10.1364/OE.21.00A295)

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