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Molecular beam epitaxy


Triggered by the need of manufacturing quantum dot intermediate band solar cells, our Group acquired a Veeco Gen 10 MBE.  It has a high degree of automatism. The reactor counts with automatic 3 inches wafer loading and is equipped with the necessary effusion cells and arsenic cracker to grow AlGaAs and InGaAs compounds. Silicon (n type) and beryllium (p-type) are used as dopants.

This line is dedicated to the research on the application of MBE to the growth of novel solar cell structures, such as the intermediate band solar cell and other solar cell concepts such as the three-terminal heterojunction bipolar transistor solar cell.


Contact person: Dr. Elisa Antolín


Selected publications

  1. A. Martí, N. López, E. Antolín, E. Cánovas, and A. Luque, "Emitter degradation in quantum dot intermediate band solar cells", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 90, pp. 233510-1 - 4, 2007. (DOI: 10.1063/1.2747195)

  2. A. Martí, E. Antolín, E. Cánovas, N. López, P. García-Linares, A. Luque, C. R. Stanley, and C. D. Farmer, "Elements of the design and analysis band solar of quantum-dot intermediate cells", Thin Solid Films, vol. 516, pp. 6716-6722, 2008. (DOI: 10.1016/j.tsf.2007.12.064)



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