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Crystalline silicon solar cell development


The Instituto de Energía Solar has pioneered the research on silicon solar cells. It was the first to propose the bifacial solar cell concept, able to convert the light received in both sides of the cell, and to commercialize these type of cells through the spin-off company Isofotón, founded in the early 80s.

Since then, relevant contributions have been made in the field, for example the use of n-type substrates, the development of Boron-doped emitters, the manufacturing of silicon solar cells for concentration. Efforts have been also dedicated to the adaptation of solar cell processes to low-cost silicon wafers.

To drive silicon-based solar cells beyond the limits of a single-junction solar cell, the Institute is collaborating with the Instituto de Tecnología Microelectrónica from the Universidad del País Vasco in the development of silicon-based tandem solar cells, with an original approach in which several subcells of different materials are monolithically integrated onto a silicon solar cell, taking advantage of a parallel connection.

Contact person: Prof. Carlos del Cañizo


Selected publications

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