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UPM's Master of Science on Photovoltaic Solar Energy




Aiming to guarantee the highest quality in the topics offered, the Master in Photovoltaic Solar Energy counts on a Quality Assurance Internal System and a ruled procedure for logging complaints, claims and suggestions.

The  Quality Assurance Internal System (SIGC for the Spanish “Sistema Interno de Garantía de Calidad”) is based on the currently operative at the ETSI Telecomunicación, approved by the Spanish National Quality Assessment and Accreditation Agency (ANECA) in the framework of the AUDIT Programme (Certificate No.: UCR 127/10).

Procedures for data acquisition and evaluation of results of the programmes, information on the responsible bodies and persons and publication of all related information, are well defined in the SIGC.

In this sense, a sub-committee dealing with quality issues associated to the Master has been nominated by the CAP. In the current academic year, this sub-committee is composed of the following persons:

  • President: Prof. Carlos del Cañizo
  • Secretary: Prof. Ignacio Tobías
  • Member: Dra. Estefanía Caamaño
  • Administration and Services Staff Representative: Mrs. María Helena Gómez
  • Students Representative



Complaints, claims and suggestions

Complaints, claims and suggestions related to the program must be addressed to the Secretary of the Quality Assurance Sub-Committee, who will try to deal with them as swiftly as possible.

Contact: Prof. Ignacio Tobías

Phone: (+34) 910 672 527

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