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The main purpose of the Master Degree in Photovoltaic Solar Energy Program is the scientific, technical and professional training of experts at the highest level in a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds supporting Photovoltaic Solar Energy, both theoretical and experimentally. As an integral part of the purely cognitive field, students will be encouraged to acquire the communication, expression and innovation skills, essential for the development of a more and better scientific an technical labour,  either in the industrial or in the academic environment.

In this sense, the objective of the program is the study of the following subjects:

  • Physics and technology of solar cells and materials
  • Photovoltaic systems: design, construction, analysis and characterization
  • Electronic techniques for conditioning and power control
  • Electronic instrumentation and computing applied to devices or systems related to solar energy
  • Solar dynamics and study of solar radiation
  • Electricity distribution networks and integration with renewable energies
  • Social fundamentals for solar energy: energetic structure of today’s society; environmental and power supply problems.
  • The role of renewable energies in general, and photovoltaic in particular in the present and future energy context
  • Legislative framework of energy distribution and electricity special system.

These objectives constitute the main core of the program, in terms of formal knowledge. In addition, each subject is complemented with more specific objectives. ( See Syllabus)

Nevertheless, in the area of Photovoltaic Solar Energy, the topics associated to new sciences, namely the rapid evolution of technology and methods or the continuous rise of novelties, are attained. Therefore, the development and strengthening of communication and expression skills as well as the ability for innovation and analysis in complex environments are the main non-cognitive objectives of the Master.



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