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PhD Programme



The Academic Commission for the Programme (CAP for the Spanish Comisión Académica del Programa) is the responsible for organization and management of the Doctoral Programme. It is made up of a group of representative teachers from the Programme itself and, in the particular case of the Doctoral Programme in Photovoltaic Solar Energy, the members of the CAP will be:
  • The Programme Coordinator, acting as the President of the Commission.

  • One teacher acting as the Secretary of the Commission.

  • Two teachers covering each of the main research lines of the Programme (see “Research”).

Tasks of the Programme’s CAP:

  1. Admission of candidates.

  2. Organization of the programme activities as established by the E.T.S.I.T. School Board and the IES-UPM Council.

  3. Comply with the requirements of the UPM “Regulations for the elaboration and evaluation of the doctoral thesis”.


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