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In view of the diversity of existing offers in the field of first or second cycle University studies in Spain and other countries, it is not possible to give a close definition of recommended degrees. Nevertheless, the most recommended degrees are gathered in three profiles, listed on the basis of the experience achieved in previous doctoral programmes and in the training contents of new degrees.
  • Profile 1, optimum profile for Solar Energy research: University graduates who have studied the UPM Master Degree in Photovoltaic Solar Energy, or similar in other Universities.

  • Profile 2, adequate for Photovoltaic Materials and Devices research: Physics and Chemistry graduates or Post-graduates related to Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering.

  • Profile 3, adequate for Photovoltaic Technologies and Systems research: Industrial/Electrical, Mining, Aeronautical or Electronic Engineers, Graduates and Post-graduates related to Industrial Engineering (Energy, Industrial and Automatic Electronics, Mechanics), Energy Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering.

Moreover, personal qualities of the candidates must correspond to those interested in Photovoltaic Solar Energy, own initiative and self-organization ability, vocation for discovery of new knowledge and collaboration in R&D teams, decision making capability, teamwork leadership qualities, and ability to work within either national or international multidisciplinary environments. Their knowledge of Spanish and English language must be enough for the adequate reading, understanding and writing of scientific-technical documents, as well as for the study of possible Complementary training activities (see Planning).


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