Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

LINE 1 - Materials and photovoltaic devices


This line integrates the research carried out on silicon solar cells, III-V semiconductors and the search for new materials, concepts and processes for the design and manufacture of solar cells. 

It is supported by the Silicon and New Concepts for Solar Cells and III-V Semiconductors UPM Research Groups, and includes:


  • New concepts in solar cells: intermediate band solar cells, quantum dot technologies.

  • Quantum calculation for solar cells: determination of electronic structures for the design of new photovoltaic materials by means of ab-initio methods. 

  • Processes for solar cells manufacturing: (aluminium phosphide) PAl cells, (phosphorus-boron) PB bifacial cells, back contact cells. 

  • Processes and materials characterization: extraction of impurities during silicon solar cells processing, development of photoconductive techniques for lifetime measurement.

  • New perspectives for crystalline silicon: Obtaining solar silicon from metallurgical silicon, epitaxial growth on low quality silicon.

  • III-V semiconductor concentration solar cells: modelling, design, manufacture, characterization, reliability and costs analysis.



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